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Excalibur Dehydrator With Double Cycle and Double Chamber')


If we talk about dehydration, we are talking about EXCALIBUR, the discoverer of the ´Parallex x Drying System´ system Our dehydrators meet the requirement and the need to obtain the best result, uniformly dehydrating the food we want to cook. Drying meringues and candies, giving the crunchy touch to our Obulato papers, fermenting yoghurts, etc. One size and technology for each need. Excalibur dehydrators, thanks to their technology Parallex X Drying System, speed up the dehydration process delivering uniform results with any produce. Dry meringues and candies, give a crunchy touch to Obulato sheets, ferment yoghurts: different sizes and technologies developed to fit any production need.


Excalibur Home Chef Version Ecb50b

Excalibur 4400

Excalibur Dehydrator 4900

Excalibur 4926 T

Excalibur Dehydrator RES10 Double Cycle

Excalibur PRO


Dry Food Box 31 L

Excalibur 4400 Teflon Sheet

Teflon Sheet for Excalibur 4900 and 4926T

Silicone Sheet Excalibur 4900 and 4926T

Tray insert for Excalibur 4900 and 4926TM

Support Tray for Excalibur 4900-4926TM

Excalibur transparent door

Replacement motor for Excalibur 4900 and 4926T

Fan for Excalibur 4900 and 4926T

Thermostat for Excalibur 4926T

Timer for Excalibur 4926T

Support Tray for Excalibur 4400

Excalibur 4400 tray insert

Thermostat for Excalibur 4400

Thermostat for Excalibur 4900