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Gastro tray with combined supports ideal for caterings


Choose here an elegant presentation for the exhibition and / or the pass of waiters in all kinds of events, buffets, self-service canteens or gourmet stores.

A great variety of designs and formats adaptable to each need but in order to surprise and offer a high standing service.

Manufactured with multiple materials such as methacrylate, wood, stainless steel, resins and melamines.

Gastro Gourmet

Gastro Tray Base

Support Gastro Skewers

Supports Gastro Pipettes

Support Gastro Tubes

Support Gastro Lipsticks

Support Gastro Glasses

Support Gastro Kalippo

Support Gastro Cones

Deli Gourmet

Deli Tray

Support Deli Skewers

Support Deli Spoons Hola

Support Deli Pipettes

Support Deli Kalippo

Support Deli Cones

Crunchy Deli Support

Deli Light Support

Deli Ice Support

Bianco Collection

Wave Crunchy Holder

Bridge Labo Holder

Spring Cone Holder

Wave Taco Holder

Wave Holder Baguette

Bridge Double Hole Support

Bridge Combi Holder

Bridge Combi Holder

Bridge Two Hollow Holder

Bridge Double Flat Holder

Bridge Flat/Hole

Stainless Steel Displays

Display 1 Cone

Display Inox 2 Cones

Display Inox 4 Cones

Display Inox 30 Cones

Display Board 4 Skewers

Sushi Tongs Support

Aluminium Display 25

Display Board 24 Skewers

Display Board 169 Skewers

Foam for Display Board 169 Skewers

Foam for 24 Skewers Display

Tripod - Miniature Presentation Support

Cone Support Labyrinth Gold

Cone Support Labyrinth Silver

Loop Support

Wood Displays

Wood Box

Seafood Box

Seafood Printed Box 1kg

Seafood Box 2 kg

Seafood Box 3 kg

Methacrylate Displays

Support Tarima

Double Support Cone Skewer

Double Support Skewer

Plexiglass Display 2

Plexiglass Display 4

Plexiglass Display 12

Seafood Methacrylate Box 3 kg

Seafood Methacrylate Box 2 kg

Seafood Methacrylate Box 1 kg