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High Precision Balance

Measurement & Safety

Weigh tenths of a gram with precision and control the salinity levels or the exact pH for your gelations, spherifications, etc. Protect yourself and your customers with our transparent and sustainable masks, and create your preparations with maximum precision thanks to our needle-tipped bottles. 

Precision scales

High Precision Scale 0.005 g

Precision Scale 0.01 g

Scale 6kg

Precision pH meters

Digital PH Controller

Digital Salinity and PH Controller

Precision Squeeze Bottles

Precision Squeeze Bottle with needle - 20 pcs

Precision Squeeze Bottle - 10 pcs.

Squeeze Mini Bottles 50 pcs

Precision mini squeeze bottle - 50 pcs.


Facial Cover - 10 pcs.

Nitro Face Protection Mask

Nitro Gloves

No Contact Infrared Thermometer

Dracula Food Pad Roll

Silcabag 10g - 100 pcs.

Silcabag 150g - 10 pcs.

Silcabag 1000g

Oxigen Absorber - 150 pcs.