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 Miniature supermarket cart with bread sticks inside.')


Surprise the diner with mini reproductions of traditional cookware. Great dishes presented in miniatures to serve small portions with extra value.

Choose among the different product ranges,  as take away, containers or bottles made with glass, stainless steel and wood.


Mini Milk Bottle (36 pcs)

Mini Anisette Bottle

Mini Jam Jar Gold

Mini Teapot

Mini Bowl

Mini Glass Double Wall

Mini Caviar Glass

Mini Hermetic Pot Tall

Mini Hermetic Pot

Mini Cover with plate

Mini Cover with Plate and Support

Mini Soda Bottle (PACK 72 Uts.)

Mini Glass Double Wall Straight

Mini Cola Bottle

Mini Spray

Double Wall Semisphere Cup

Glass Straw Mini Cola

Straight Glass Straw

Curved Glass Straw

Brush Cleaner XS

Smoking Gun Aladín 007

Wood Miniatures

Pallet Mini


Pallet Tray

Long Pallet

Wax Paper

Wax paper XL

Wax paper

Fruit Box Mini 5 pcs

Seafood Printed Box 1kg

Seafood Box

Wood Box

Clothesline Tongs

Mini Boxes

Mac Bit

Noodle Box

Noodle Boxes XL (100 pcs)

Mini black box for fries

Mini Popcorn Box (100 pcs)

Mini Tablecloth


Blue Mini Brownie Box

Blue Mini Ice Cream Box

Clear plastic quail egg carton


Mini Fryer 10cm

Fryer Mini 12cm

Mini Fryer 13cm

Mini Fryer 17cm

Mini Wok XS

Mini Casserole Bowl Balti

Mini Roasting Pan

Paella Valenciana Pan

Bucket XS

Milk Can XS