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Molecular Mixology

Master the techniques of preparing molecular cuisine to make textured cocktails and offer a fun option in your menu.

Spherification, foams and airs, distillation, dehydration: all the most used tools to prepare elements for your cocktails are available in this section of 100%Barman.

Smoking and Flavouring

Nitrogen & CO2


Sous Vide


Airs and Foams





Smoking and Flavouring

Aladin Station

Buffet Cover with valve

Long Drink Cover Set

Mini Aladin Cover 9cm

Super-Aladin Rotor

Aladin Rotor

Heavy Wheel Kit

Aladin electrical spare parts (old model)

Aladin Chips Oak

Aladin Screens XS

Super-Aladin and 007 Motor

Super Aladín Smoking Gun

Aladin Chips Jack Daniels

Cocktail Cover

Cold Smoke Jar

Aladin Chips Olive

Aladin Chips Almond Tree


Aladin electrical spare parts (new model)

Glass Smoker


007 Flavour Gold

007 Flavour Black

007 Flavour Blue

007 Flavour Vap Refillable - 10 pcs.

007 Flavour Vap

Mixture Bubbler 200 ml

Electrical Spare Parts Aladin Flavour

Sous Vide


Thermal Container for Noon 27L

Noon Cover Gastronorm 1/1

Whip Clip for Siphons and Bottles

Self-adhesive Label Tape

Click-it Kit

Click-it Sous-vide Cooking Bags

Click-it Vacuum Storage bags

Vacuum Pump Vacuum-Pro

Atoxic oil for Vacuum Pro

Connection for Vacuum-Pro and Girovap

Straight Spider Pipettes Refiller

Magnetic Mixer Vortex

Container GN 1/1 100 BrickVac

Container GN 1/1 150 BrickVac

Container GN 1/1 200 BrickVac

Container GN 1/2 150 BrickVac

Polycarbonate Cover BrickVac GN 1/1

Polycarbonate Cover BrickVac GN 1/2

TekVac ISensor S

TekVac ISensor M (Pump 20)

External Vacuum Connection for TekVac

Cooking Bags Vac-andcook XS

Cooking Bags Vac-andcook S

Oil for Vacuum Pump Maintenance 1L

Borosilicate glass 5 L Girovap

3-litres graduated glass for Girovap

Vac-andsave Storing Bags - 500 pcs.

Nitrogen & CO2

Nitro Food Show Course

Instant Glass Froster Copper Coolbar

Instant Glass Froster Silver Coolbar

Customizable CoolBar

CoolBar 2 Silver

CoolBar 2 Copper

Nitro Bowl XXL

Nitro Glass

Nitro Bowl

Nitro Coulant Mould

Mini Teppan Nitro Salva-G

Additional grille for Teppan Salva-G

Nitro Jug Plus

Dewar Flask

Nitrogen Container

Replacement plug for liquid nitrogen containers

Nitro Face Protection Mask

Nitro Gloves

CO2 - Dry Ice Black

Dry Ice Pellet Mould

Nitro Spray

Nitro Relief

Presentation Container for Mini Teppan Nitro

Dry Ice Mixer - 2 pcs.

Mix & Dry Kit

CO2 Dry Ice Black Triple

Dry Ice Capsule - 4 pcs.


Caviar Box

Reverse Sphere

Spherification Spoons Kit

Lotus Spoon - 10 pcs.

Lotus Spoon Gold

Caviar Box Silicones


Magnetic Mixer Vortex


DryCook Dehydrator 15 trays

DryCook Dehydrator 10 trays

Excalibur 2400

Excalibur PRO

Teflon Sheet DryCook XS - 5 pcs.

DryCook XS Grid Sheet - 5 pcs

DryCook XS Grid Tray

Excalibur 4900 & 4926TM Tray Sheet

Teflon Sheet DryCook XL - 5 pcs.

DryCook XL Grid Tray

DryCook XL Grid Sheet - 5 pcs

Excalibur Transparent Door

Excalibur 4900 & 4926TM Support Tray

Excalibur 4900 & 4926T Replacement motor

Excalibur 4900 & 4926T Fan

Excalibur 4926T Thermostat

Excalibur 4926T Timer

Replacement Fan for Food Dehydrator Excalibur 4400


Excalibur 4400 Support Tray

Excalibur 4400 Tray Sheet

Excalibur 4400 Thermostat

Excalibur 4900 Thermostat

Excalibur Black Door

Excalibur EXC10EL Replacement motor

Silicone Sheet For Excalibur 4900 & 4926T - 5 pcs.

Teflon Sheet Excalibur 2400 - 5 pcs.

Airs & Foams

Foam Kit Deluxe

AIR KIT 2 - Cream whipper accessories

Air kit 3

Siphon Support

N2O Charges



Gastro Pipettes

Connection for Vacuum-Pro and Girovap

Joints Girovap Vessel 2 PCS


Pipetas mini polietileno - 500 uds.

Lollipop polyethylene pipettes - 500 uds.

Lollipop polyethylene heart - 500 pcs.


DJ Food Decor Turntable

Spaghetto Kit Classic

Liquid Silicone for professional Mold Making

Nonstick Spray for silicone molds - 80 ml

Lithium LED Lights

Confi Kit

Precision Squeeze Bottle - 10 pcs.

Powder Spray Diffuser - 10 pcs.

Dumpling Maker

N2O Charges

Brulee Max

Brulee Max Screens

Pipetas mini polietileno - 500 uds.

Polyethylene pipettes stars - 500 pcs.

Lollipop polyethylene heart - 500 pcs.


Spaghetto Kit Classic

Macarron Kit XL


VOM Premium Kit

VOM Pro Kit

Basic Kit VOM

Technical Kit VOM

VOM Acrylic Holders Food - 10 pcs

VOM Cloud Glass

VOM Square Glass

VOM Tube Glass

VOM Titanium Black Holders Drink - 6 pcs

VOM Titanium Black Holders Food - 6 pcs

Formula 1 VOM

VOM Stainless Steel Holders Drink - 6 pcs

VOM Stainless Steel Holders Food - 6 pcs

Holders VOM Copper - 6 pcs

VOM Ringmaster - 3 pcs

VOM Acrylic Holders Drink - 10 pcs

VOM Screens - 4 pcs

Silicone Base VOM

Formula F2 VOM

Cala Vom - 6 pcs.