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Three different sizes of Nitrogen Container

Nitrogen and CO2

The use of nitrogen is always a spectacle in front of the customer and offers multiple technical possibilities in cooking, cocktail and pastry making. Highly profitable despite a small initial investment, this spectacular technique renews the passion for learning and revolutionizes professional kitchens. 

Our equipment based on the use of CO2 will allow you to frost glasses and glasses in seconds as well as to create dry ice at will to bring an amazing effect to drinks and dishes. 


Nitro Food Show Course

Nitro Glass

Nitro Bowl

Nitro Bowl XXL

Nitro Jug Plus

Dewar Flask

Mini Teppan Nitro Salva-G

Double bath and grille Teppan Nitro Salva-G

Additional grille for Teppan Salva-G

Nitro Relief

Nitro Spray

Nitrogen Container

Instant Nitrogen Transfer

Presentation Container for Mini Teppan Nitro

Nitro Coulant Mould

Replacement plug for liquid nitrogen containers

Nitro Face Protection Mask

Nitro Gloves

Dry Ice Capsule - 4 pcs.

Dry Ice & CO2

Instant Glass Froster Silver Coolbar

Instant Glass Froster Copper Coolbar

Customizable CoolBar

CoolBar 2 Silver

CoolBar 2 Copper

CO2 - Dry Ice Black

CO2 Dry Ice Black Triple

Dry Ice Pellet Mould

Dry Ice Mixer - 2 pcs.

Multiple connection for inert gases - 2 Outputs Kit

Dry Ice Capsule - 4 pcs.