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Three different sizes of Nitrogen Container')

Nitrogen and CO2

Using liquid nitrogen for cooking never leaves anyone indifferent. The truth is that in addition to offering a show to the diner, it also offers a lot of technical possibilities for cooking, cocktail making and pastry. Highly profitable despite a first small investment that will awake your passion for learning and revolutionize your kitchen.


Nitro Food Show Course

Nitro Glass

Nitro Bowl

Nitro Bowl XXL

Nitro Thermo Jug

Nitro Coulant Mould Round

Nitro Relief

Mini Teppan Nitro Salva-G

Nitro Mould Lollipop

Additional grille for Teppan Salva-G

Dewar Flask

Nitrogen Container

Replacement plug for liquid nitrogen containers

Nitro Spray

Presentation Container for Mini Teppan Nitro

Instant Nitrogen Transfer

Teppan Nitro Salva-G

Dry Ice & CO2

Silver Cool Bar

Copper Cool Bar

Customizable Cool Bar

CoolBar 2 Silver

CoolBar 2 - Copper

Dry Ice Block 250 g

Dry Ice Block 400 g

CO2 - Dry Ice Black

Dry Ice Pellet Mould

Dry Ice Mixer