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Oblat is a multiform preparation made mainly from potato starch, lecithin, and vegetable oil.

It is made entirely in Japan, on the northern island of Hokkaido, with the purpose of ingesting the pharmaceutical principles wrapped in its very thin leaves. Since it was incorporated into gastronomy, it has been a magical tool for many; a sheet thinner than paper, transparent and with a very curious capacity: it disintegrates in an aqueous medium but remains intact in grease.

This unique feature makes the Oblat an unrivalled tool to produce a multitude of light, almost transparent crispies in a wide range of shapes, flavors, and colors.

With the Oblat family you can create endless creative recipes, hundreds of possibilities to make the most of a totally unique product, turning it into one of the most surprising snacks in haute cuisine. So that any piece is possible, we have prepared a selection of formats that will open up the limits: powder, roll, small pieces and large slices.

Oblate powder - 500g.

Oblate roll - 300m

Oblate Square - 90x90mm

Oblate disk - 90mm