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Super gray Aladdin to create dishes with smoke')


From kitchen to table, cold smoking with our Aladin® series is easy and efficient.

Choose your favorite wood essence within our collection of sawdust for indoor food smokers.

Jack Daniel's, Almond wood, Quebracho wood for an Argentinian Asado flavour... play with smoke to add an extra touch to appetizers, main courses or even desserts.

A full range of borosilicate glass cloches completes the offer, opening new possibilities to your professional kitchen.



Aladín 007


Aladín Aromatic


Mini Aladín Cover 9cm

Aladín Cover 14 cm

Aladín Cover PACK 14 cm

Aladín SNOW Cover Ø14

Aladín 18 cm

Aladín Cover Pack 18 cm

Aladín SNOW Cover Ø18

Taijine Cover 18 cm

Long Drink Cover

Cocktail Cover

Buffet Cover

Cold Smoke Jar

Jar Cover ø14 cm



Aladín Chips Beech

Aladín Chips Oak

Aladin Chips Jack Daniels

Aladín Chips Quebracho

Aladín Chips Orange Tree

Aladin Chips Olive

Aladín Chips Almond Tree

Aladín Chips Herbal Essences Sawdust

Aladín Chips Floral Essences Sawdust

Jack Daniel's wood Chips

Aladín Station

Gastronorm Top

Aladín CD

Aladin Screens XS

Aladín Aromatic Filters

Super-Aladín and 007 Motor

Spare Electric Part