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Super gray Aladdin to create dishes with smoke

Smoking and flavouring

The cold smoking technique has never been as easy and effective as with our Aladin® series.

Add a light smoky flavor to foods and cocktails without changing their texture. Easily smoke cheeses, meats and fish as well as sauces, oils, rice, etc.

Choose the aroma from our sawdust collection and present your creations covered with cloches, providing a very effective visual effect in front of your customers. 


Super Aladín Smoking Gun

Smoking Gun Aladin 007

Glass Smoker

Mixture Bubbler 200 ml


Conversion Kit Aladin Flavour

007 Flavour

007 Flavour Blue

007 Flavour Black

007 Flavour Gold

007 Flavour Vap

007 Flavour Vap Refillable - 10 pcs.

Mixture Bubbler 200 ml

Electrical Spare Parts Aladin Flavour


Mini Aladin Cover 9cm

Aladin Covers 14 cm

Aladin Covers 18 cm

Aladin Cover PACK 14 cm

Aladin Cover Pack 18 cm

Buffet Cover with valve

Taijine Cover 18 cm

Long Drink Cover Set

Cocktail Cover


Cold Smoke Jar

Jar Cover

Gastronaut Cloche

Cloche LightYear Kit Ø 17 cm

Kit Long Drink Tube RGB Ø 13 cm

Long Drink Tube Spare Ø 13 cm

Spare Led Light

Kit Long Drink Base + Long Drink Cloche 2 pcs.

Amber Cloche Ø 18 cm

Kit Cocktail Base + Cocktail Cloche


Genius Bubble Kit

Mixture Bubbler 200 ml


Jack Daniel's wood Chips

Aladin Chips Beech

Aladin Chips Oak

Aladin Chips Jack Daniels

Aladin Chips Olive

Aladin Chips Almond Tree


Aladin Station

Gastronorm 1/1 Aladin Cover With Valve

Aladin CD

Conversion Kit Aladin Flavour

Spare Parts

Aladin Aromatic Filters

Super-Aladin Rotor

Super-Aladin and 007 Motor

Heavy Wheel Kit

Aladin electrical spare parts (new model)

Aladin Screens XS

Genius Glass burner with grid

Spare Cloche LightYear Ø 17 cm

Spare Silicone LightYear

Base kit + led for cocktail bell

Base Long Drink Cloche With Ligh

007 Flavour Vap

007 Flavour Vap Refillable - 10 pcs.

Conversion Kit Aladin Flavour