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Serve a dessert with the Cool Bowl White Stone Plate

Stone Age

Dishes and supports of stone carved in exclusive Macael marble.

All the pieces are unique and unrepeatable, hand-carved and polished in Spain to offer our customers a unique experience.

Our extensive and original catalogue can be customized to the extent and color you need.

Plates with cloche

Planet Plate

Marble Iceberg Plate

Circus Plate

Glitter Circus Plate

Black Rustic Plate Apicius

Faraon Plate with Cloche

Spare Cover for Faraon and Planet


Ovalo Plate

Black Ebanon Plate

Brown Ebanon Plate

Crocodile Plate Rectangular - 2 pcs

Crocodile Plate Round 2 pcs

Abaco Orion Plate - 2 pcs

Abaco Red Plate - 2 pcs

Corvus Blue Plate - 2 pcs

Intellato Blue Plate - 2 pcs

Starfish Plate

Feather Plate

Trevolato Plate - 2 pcs

Diamond Plate

Reef Plate

Imperial Marble Plate

Al-Andalus Red Plate - Rustic Rim

White Marble Plate - Smooth Rim

Black Marble Plate - Rustic Rim

Marble Canvas Plate

Texturized Marble Corner Plate - 2 pcs

Corner Plate - 2 pcs.

Corner Plate Double - 2 pcs

Marble Painter Palette Plate

White Moon Plate

Golf Plate

Meteorite Plate

Marble Sushi Plate

Tokyo Plate

Osaka Plate

Stone Doily Plate

Ingot Plate

Black Moon Advance Plate

Galaxy Advance Plate

Venus Advance Plate

Granite Plate

Granite Double Face Plate

Rustic Flat Plate

Rustic Deep Plate

Rustic Double Plate

Imperator Plate

Fortune Plate

Fountain Plate

Tear Plate

Petit Four Plate

Roman Plate

Coliseum Plate

Double Lagoon Plate

Lagoon Plate

Abaco Blue Plate 2 pcs

Rustic Bowl

Abaco Orange Plate 2 pcs

Syro Plate

Jabugo Tapa Ø 20

Jabugo Ración Ø 25

Jabugo Homenaje Ø 30



Paradiso Club

Block - 2 pcs


Longo Tray

Longo Plate


Mini Mortero


Rubicube Marble Crunchy Support

Oyster Gold - 3 pcs

Oyster Copper - 3 pcs


Root Stone with holes

Skewer Rock Support - fits 2

Skewer Rock Support - fits 4

Rock Cones Support

Macael Cone Support

Marble Champagne Stand

Cork Stand

Presentation Container for Mini Teppan Nitro

Dice Skewers Support - 6 pcs

Dice Cones Support - 6 pcs


Cutlery Support - 4 pcs

Ice Cream Tray

Test Tube Soup Kit

Bowls and sauceboats

Beehive Bowl

Giove Bowl

Red Coral Bowl

Cool Bowl

Nitro Disk

Vintage Cool Bowl

White SuperBowl

Cocoa Bean Bowl

Caesar Plate

Big Sphere Bowl

Sphere Bowl

Flavor Marble pot with lid

Stone Pot with Lid

Egg Imperator

Mini Pestles - 6 pcs

Rustic Bowl


Robata Mini - Marble Barbecue

Robata Barbecue

Mini BBQ

BBQ Charcoal Grill

Cold Barbecue

Marble Support for Himalaya Salt Block

Mini Cold Barbeque