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Technical sugars

Sucrose (common sugar) is more than familiar to everyone, and still indispensable for many. In this family, we offer sugars other than sucrose, to reach all the places sucrose doesn't reach.  

Smoother ganaches, softer ice creams, crunchier candies and meringues, more tender buns, more active kombuchas, preparations with less sweetness, which we can integrate into a savory dish... all the functionalities of sucrose multiplied by a hundred, because each sugar offers different possibilities; you just need to know them to your advantage.

Icing sugar - 600g.

Icing sugar anti-humidity - 700g.

Isomalt - 900g.

Glucose powder 30 DE

Trehalose powder - 800g.

Dextrose powder

Maltodextrine - 550g.

Fondant powder - 500g.