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Nitro Spray

Available in two different capacities: 300 and 500 ml

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Nitro Spray

Available in two different capacities: 300 and 500 ml


Spray to elaborate cooking and pastry techniques with liquid nitrogen.

This ingenious tool in the field of dermatology allows us, as if it were a blowtorch, to spray or inject the heart of a product with cold air instantly in the form of gas at -196ºC, immediately freezing any surface and achieving a crunchy effect on the surface or a cold heart like instant ice cream. Perfect cold control, now everything is possible.

What can I make with Nitro Spray?

- Turn your foams into hard, creamy rocks on the inside
- Freeze drinks on the surface
- Ingenious hollow, refillable chocolate truffles
- Liquid liquor cubes
- Cold spherifications

To discover more uses, techniques, and applications, we advise you to complement your knowledge with the Nitro Food Show Online Course.

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Units per box: 1
Material: Stainless Steel
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