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Nitro Food Show Course

Online course of advanced cooking techniques, cocktails, ice cream and pastry with Liquid Nitrogen.

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Nitro Food Show Course

Online course of advanced cooking techniques, cocktails, ice cream and pastry with Liquid Nitrogen.


Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at professionals in the culinary sector of the kitchen, pastry, ice cream and cocktail making. Designed to complete training from basic level to advanced level, thanks to the several examples and recipes as well as the step-by-step technical explanations, any professional can adapt the course to their professional needs.

The access code to the online course allows associating an email and a device: a code corresponds to an access on a device.

Course content

  • Guidelines for use and safety standards with liquid nitrogen
  • 26 techniques illustrated step-by-step
  • 60 basic and advanced recipes for professional use
  • Technical tips and tricks
  • Unlimited access to videos in Spanish, English, French, and Italian
  • Safety manual and recipe book in 4 languages

 What will you learn? - List of techniques

  • How to separate drupelets
  • Nitro Dots
  • Nitro Pop Corn
  • Ice Cream
  • Sorbets
  • Soft Serve Ice Cream
  • Liquid core
  • Soft heart
  • Cookies
  • Ice Pops
  • Simple Moldings
  • Special Moldings
  • Nitro Candies
  • Shells
  • Iced Rocks
  • Veils and Tuiles
  • Stamped Cookies
  • Pop Corn Nitro
  • Canapés

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Get started with basic and advanced techniques with liquid nitrogen for kitchen, pastry, ice-cream making and cocktail crafting

Designed by the Chef Martin Lippo from Nitroschool, together with 100%Chef and 100%Barman, this online video course is the result of a professional cooperation on R&D over many years.

The course offers a complete collection of culinary techniques that are possible to achieve only using Liquid Nitrogen. Perform extraordinary and spectacular recipes, offering bartending and culinary shows to your customers. Use the techniques during events, such as catering services, or directly on the table to astonish the customer. You will achieve nitro ice creams with a unique texture, incomparable with a traditional ice cream.

Liquid nitrogen can be used to prepare the elements of a dish, and the diner will not even imagine the technique that made possible its elaboration. Enjoy working with the infinite uses of alcohol as a basic ingredient, while adding visual effects and extreme temperature in your drinks.

All the techniques, impossible to perform without the use of liquid nitrogen, ultimately open the door to new creative horizons for chefs, pastry chefs, ice cream makers and bartenders.

Modules of the Course

Security Guidelines for Liquid Nitrogen use

The first module of the course explores the guidelines of use and safety, presenting the tools needed to work with liquid nitrogen. It contains also practical advice on storage, purchase and use of liquid nitrogen.

Ingredients and utensils for cooking and mixology with liquid Nitrogen

The basic tools to work with liquid nitrogen must meet some very specific requirements: we help you choose the best options so that your kitchen is equipped with the basic professional tools indispensable to obtain the best results.

Essential recipes of sweet and savoury elaborations

All recipe book preparations complement the information taught in the videos. Designed expressly to be used following the techniques of the videos, these recipes allow endless combinations depending on the desired result.

Use sweet and savory preparations to prepare small tastings for appetizers and pre-desserts, to obtain the finest ice cream and sorbets, prepare garnishes and decorations for ice cream and pastry, make cocktails and surprising edible snacks with liquid alcohol.

The Nitro Food Show Course Includes:

  • More than 1 hour of video on demand
  • Lifetime access
  • Security Manual
  • PDF Recipe Book
  • Tools advice

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