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Noor (ENG/ESP)

by Paco Morales, the gastrocultural reinterpretation of al-Andalus.


Noor (ENG/ESP)

by Paco Morales, the gastrocultural reinterpretation of al-Andalus.

The first book by Paco Morales in which he unveils the secrets of NOOR. Over 320 pages, the book not only includes 65 recipes that recreate Hispano-Muslim cuisine from a rabidly contemporary perspective, with an exhaustive analysis by the chef himself. It also presents a detailed historical contextualisation of what and how people ate at the time, as well as dozens of indispensable techniques photographed step by step.

On 17 March 2016, Paco Morales "raised the shutters" of NOOR Restaurant with several objectives in mind. One of them was to build a gastrocultural project that, service by service, would reinterpret and pay homage to a crucial period in the history of Spain: the Andalusian era. Another was to turn his native Cordoba into a must-visit place for seasoned gastronomes, inquisitive gourmets and lovers of good food. All with the utmost excellence as the omnipresent watchword.

Two Michelin stars in little more than three years, and the almost unanimous support of customers, colleagues and critics, endorse this work. "He has been able to create a cuisine, something that is within the reach of very few. A personal, personal line, different from anything known, in which he combines avant-garde and tradition in equal parts", says Carlos Maribona, gastronomic journalist of the ABC newspaper. His are "contemporary recipes in which he demonstrates his talent for combining flavour, creativity and aesthetics. In his work, which is very personal, he is both rigorous and transgressive at the same time", says José Carlos Capel, food critic for El País. The inspectors of the Michelin Guide have joined in: in little more than three years, they have awarded the establishment two stars, recognising its "journey to the historic Al-Andalus from 21st century gastronomic concepts".

The chef, rigorous and perfectionist like few others, celebrates this success as it deserves: by setting out his whys and wherefores in black and white in a large-format work. In it, he presents 314 preparations, 75 of them photographed step by step, in which he rescues recipes to reinterpret them, draws attention to ingredients that are distant only in appearance and restores craftsmanship to that predominant position in haute cuisine that it should never have lost. All this, with 140 images signed by Mikel Ponce and the historical advice of Rosa Tovar and Lúa Monasterio.

Montagud Publisher

Binding: Hardcover

Number of pages: 320

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