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The flavour of elegance (ENG/ESP)

by Begoña Rodrigo, flavour, technique and beauty as the basis of her career.


The flavour of elegance (ENG/ESP)

by Begoña Rodrigo, flavour, technique and beauty as the basis of her career.

The Flavour of Elegance, analyses Begoña Rodrigo's cuisine through her life journey. A chef who has been in the kitchen for twenty years. Half of them, in her restaurant La Salita (Valencia) and now, the chef takes stock of all of them while looking to the future with El Sabor de la Elegancia.

Begoña Rodrigo's new book presents the pillars of her cuisine in four large blocks. Each one of them brings together, in the same way, the most significant creations and recipes over two decades among casseroles. Thus, 'Flavour' focuses on dishes such as "Glazed tuna brain", "Muscatel carbonara with ceps and figs" and "Plankton fideuà"; while the section dedicated to the 'Technique' used by the cook does the same with "Sopa de cebolla agripicante con calamares", "El garrofón y conejo" and "Pichón". 'From the global to the local' analyses the geographical trajectory of Rodrigo's cuisine, which began in the kitchens of various corners of the world to end up in Valencia, with dishes such as "Prawns and their flavoured juice", "Quisquillas wrapped in smooth cabbage and coconut" and "Yellow curry and vegetables". Finally, the chapter 'The Aesthetics of Elegance' defines itself with dishes such as "Red mullet, fennel, dill" and the "Salad of pickles and salted fish" in the shape of a tiara - a signature dish at La Salita - which is featured on the front and back covers of the book.

A work starring Begoña Rodrigo in which she unpacks what for many are the rules of contemporary cuisine. Defined flavours, beauty in abundance in her creations, the use of technique at the service of taste and the right choice of raw materials (local or foreign) are the keys to making this work a benchmark for any restaurant.

Montagud Publisher

Binding: Hardcover

Number of pages: 256

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