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Muina (ENG/ESP)

Josean Alija, for the first time in his book, captures his personal culinary universe, the essence of Nerua.


Muina (ENG/ESP)

Josean Alija, for the first time in his book, captures his personal culinary universe, the essence of Nerua.

Nerua, a restaurant with one Michelin star and three Repsol suns, is the refuge and at the same time the stage for the projection of Josean Alija's cuisine. And Muina is the concept that best defines his culinary philosophy. A generic term "that synthesises what I am and what my proposal is", reveals the chef. This first publishing project by Josean Alija allows him to approach the creative process as a journey to the origin of things, to their roots, in order to fully develop their true potential. Always trying to describe rounded, complete, pleasurable sensations. Because that is precisely what Muina contains in its pages: a very personal representation of the world, of cuisine, of Bilbao and of the reality that surrounds the Bilbao chef.

The work is structured in three chapters: soul, philosophy, and creations. The assumption, the concreteness and the loyalty to certain values cause Josean Alija to always follow the same path. The same one that now takes him along the publishing path to share knowledge, research, projects, experiences, and emotions with his readers. The Nerua project, so well expressed in Muina, is an outlet for the talent and sensitivity of an exceptional chef. Through the lines of his first book, Josean Alija creates and recreates a language of his own, a different way of cooking that is not driven by fashions but by the moment, without ceasing to be himself. Knowing that developing his own message is a constantly evolving process, the outcome of which is uncertain. Aware that, in the end, this is the most difficult path.

Faithful to his idea of using few ingredients in a dish in search of a beautiful and simple result, he describes how each of his dishes comes about and what it suggests to him; vegetables, light, essential, full of aromas and textures. A complete presentation where the sweet touch, Sweeture, a symbol within his culinary vision, a light, healthy and modern concept, rounds off this work.

Montagud Publisher

Binding: Hardcover

Number of pages: 192

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