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VOM Premium Kit

The most complete equipment to create flying clouds without limits


VOM Premium Kit

The most complete equipment to create flying clouds without limits

The contents of the VOM pro Kit allow you to generate edible flying clouds! at maximum performance. Made of fine bubbles filled with helium gas, these clouds can be filled with an infinite number of flavours and aromas. They can also be shaped into figures, discs or creative shapes with the necessary buoyancy to rise into the air.

The contents of the VOM pro kit will provide you with all the tools of the basic VOM kit + the technical kit +the essential accessories.

If you are a high consumer or professional user, the VOM Premium Kit is the perfect combination to bring the VOM to both maximum production and maximum fun. Unlike the VOM Pro Kit, in addition to connecting VOM to refillable helium bottles, the Premium Kit allows you to create different cloud shapes with the VOM Cups and gives you more tamers to cut, play and sculpt your clouds.

This not only gives you a return on your initial investment with the first use of a 20 litre bottle of helium, but also allows several people to play at making their own clouds.

Serve these ethereal morsels as a decorative, gustatory or WOW! effect. Hold the cloud on top of glasses or plates and let it drip in front of your guests, emulating the rain of a cloud. Unlimited functions, recipes and above all the surprise and admiration of your customers. Designed for Bartenders, Chefs and Pastry Chefs, with VOM the imagination comes back to power.


The cloud remains stable for 4 to 5 minutes depending on the PH of the product.
You can "tame" the VOM clouds and make fun conceptual shapes with them.
A new gastronomic technique to explore and discover.
Helium has the effect of sharpening the voice for a few seconds if you inhale enough of it.


We remind you that when choosing the Pro Kit you should be aware that each country has a different standard of connection to the helium bottle, so you should choose carefully when purchasing it. If your country is not included in the list, please contact us.

You can watch this video tutorial to learn how the VOM Technical Kit works.

The following connections are currently available:

Australia (AUS), Austria (AUT), Belgium (BE), Canada (CA), China (CHN), Croatia (HR), Denmark (DK), Germany (DEU), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Spain (ES), United States (US), France (FR), Greece (GR), Hong Kong (HK), Italy (IT), Latin America (LATAM), Netherlands (NL), Poland (PL), United Kingdom (UK), Russia (RUS), South Africa (ZA), Sweden (SE), Switzerland (CH), Turkey (TR), Ukraine (UKR). Choose the model corresponding to your country of use from the drop-down menu with the options. For more detailed information, please refer to the PDF downloadable from the "Documents" tab.

If your country is not included, please consult us.


These connections have been stipulated by distributors and supply companies in each country. We recommend that before purchasing this accessory you check with your local helium supplier to ensure that the connection is compatible. If the connection purchased turns out to be incompatible, return and exchange costs will be charged to the customer.

Find answers to all your questions about the VOM Edible Cloud in our special VOM FAQs blog.

The VOM Premium Kit box is composed of:

  • Tube Glass
  • Square Glass
  • Cloud Glass
  • Connection with precision-regulated valve for helium
  • Silicone base and micro-perforated diffuser
  • Formula 1 - Powder solution. Bottle 30 g.
  • 4 Ringmasters
  • Acrylic holders: Drinks S - Drinks L - Food
  • Adapter for mini bottle (helium bottles for balloons)
  • Connection with precision regulating valve for helium
  • Basic instructions and recipe booklet

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