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VOM Trolley

Bring the VOM experience to the table!


VOM Trolley

Bring the VOM experience to the table!

A new era of VOM Edible Cloud begins, equip the Trolley with your VOM Kit and get the show on the road.

VOM Trolley is here to revolutionize the experience of the service, transforming the customers to first-row spectators to the impressive process of creating the edible flying clouds.

Its design has been carefully thought out to provide lightness and stability, which achieves the goal of making it easier to steer during service. Thanks to its minimalist design, it is suitable for many styles and decors.

The VOM Trolley is made of the latest generation "Corian" material, which is easy to clean. In addition to being waterproof and UV-blocking, its ultra-resistance to the passage of time, scratches, knocks, etc., allows an extended life span of the trolley.

In a compact dimension, it enables carrying all the necessary equipment for creating the clouds and serving them. Its wheels adapt to all surfaces, turning the VOM Trolley into a 4x4 vehicle, allowing for agile and comfortable movement throughout the room.

The VOM experience evolves and becomes a spectacle from start to finish, adding delicacy and fun to the plating and cocktail process.

If you would like to customize your VOM Trolley to make it an extension of your brand and incorporate your corporate image with your logo, lighting, corporate colors, etc., please contact our design department.

*Important: The cart does not include plumbing fixtures or accessories. This cart is intended to be equipped with a technical kit and an 5 liter helium bottle.

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Material: Corian
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