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The biggest among the small

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The biggest among the small

The low temperature circulator designed and built with high performance, using the latest and most advanced circulator technology on the market. With its effectiveness, precision and capacity, it covers both the production needs of the professional kitchen and those of the most demanding amateur.

A new cooking solution for kitchens, workshops, cocktail bars, small workshops and laboratories for development and research in food products and test kitchens.

Accuracy 0.1ºC, tested at all temperatures even at critical temperatures such as those below 50ºC.

Its power (1300W) is transmitted with a resistor encapsulated in aluminum sheets to give the maximum contact surface, taking advantage of all the energy at 100% and improving the stability of the bath.

Fast warming of the water, its powerful resistance and innovative radiation system heats water baths up to 15 liters in a few minutes even to high temperatures.

Features 4 specific modes preconfigured for meat, fish, poultry and vegetables, with different temperature and time ranges.

  • Chronometer and timer up to 99 hours.
  • Power-on programming.
  • Low water alarm and automatic shutdown.
  • Clamp suitable for any container.

Wide range of water level allows to be coupled to a multitude of containers and allows both low levels and large capacity due to its high maximum level. Perfect for working in GN 1/2 (height 20 cm).

Its small propeller located deep in the container moves and stabilizes the temperature in all water levels to reach the required precision.

Noonie in professional kitchens

In the kitchens it is necessary to have powerful equipment between 1800W and 2200W to ensure productions, but it is also necessary to have lower power equipment in many of the items for lower volume productions, regenerations, breakfasts, buffets, siphons, sauces, etc.

Notice for bartenders and baristas!

"Noonie" is the perfect fast circulator for medium and small volumes, easy to maintain, small and compatible even on the service bar itself.

Do not give up creating your own hot drinks, infusions, etc.

220-240V / 50-60 Hz

Units per box: 1
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