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Precision refractometer 



Precision refractometer 

After extensive work with Girovap in the search for control in fermentations, redistillations and reductions of vinegars or juices, 100%Lab felt the need to find an accessory that would allow us to precisely know the results of our elaborations and be able to understand and control them. After an intense search, we found the perfect partner, a world leader in measuring instruments: Anton Paar.

Indispensable and suitable for:

Chefs, pastry chefs and bartenders who use the Girovap to concentrate or reduce under vacuum at low temperature. Processing of honeys and reductions, coffees and infusions, sauces, jams, ketchups, jams, reductions, fruit concentrations, invert sugars, glucose, syrups...

High precision digital refractometer:

Accurate measurement of the degree of dissolved sugar from 0 to 85ºBrix, with a margin of error of 0.2ºBrix - in less than 2 seconds. In addition to indicating the degree of salinity, degree of dissolved fat, degree of humidity, and much more in an infinite number of international scales.

How it works:

SmartRef works through mobile apps (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth. A very simple and intuitive interface that displays the results in real time, allowing you to store data and save production results so that you can always compare between runs. For those who are more demanding with their products, we recommend the joint purchase of the two devices.

Essential accessories

In short, SmartRef and EasyDens, alone or in combination, are the tools we needed to understand the resulting products during our elaborations, mastering the elaboration variables and standardizing productions in reduction, fermentation, and distillation to always obtain the desired product.

With Smart Ref you can accurately measure density and concentration on all these scales and with only a 0.4 ml sample:

  • Babo [°Babo]
  • Baumé [°Bé]
  • Brix [°Bx] Brix [°Bx
  • Fat concentration [% oil] Ethylene glycol [% oil
  • Ethylene glycol [% v/v] [% w/w] [°C EG] [°F EG] Moisture in honey [% water] [% water
  • Moisture in honey [% water] [% water] KMW [°KMW] [°KMW
  • KMW [°KMW] [°KMW
  • Oechsle CH [°Oe CH] [°Oe CH] Oechsle GER [°Oe GER
  • Oechsle GER [°Oe GER] Oechsle GER [°Oe GER] Oechsle GER [°Oe GER
  • Degree of salinity [PSU] Oechsle CH [°Oe CH] Oechsle GER [°Oe GER
  • Propylene glycol [% v/v] [% w/w] [°C PG] [°F PG] Refractory Index [n
  • Refractive index [nD] [nD] [nD] [nD
  • Refractive index at 20 °C [nD @20] [nD @20
  • Salinity parts per thousand [ppt] [ppt] Salinity specific gravity [SG 20/20
  • Salinity specific gravity [SG 20/20] Salinity specific gravity [SG 20/20
  • Temperature [°C] [°F]
  • Total Dissolved Solids [% TDS] Wort Plato [°P
  • Wort Plato [°P] Wort Plato [°P
  • Specific gravity of the wort [SG 20/20].


Operates on 1.5 V LR6 AA batteries or similar rechargeable batteries.

Dimensions 11 cm x 6,5 cm x 4 cm

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