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alinia A2 clear ice machine

alinia produces batches of crystalline and purified ice in various moulded formats.

Voltage: 220-240 V

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alinia A2 clear ice machine

alinia produces batches of crystalline and purified ice in various moulded formats.

Voltage: 220-240 V

alinia has an innovative, simpler and fully automatic system to produce transparent ice, you just have to choose the tray with the ice mould, close the door and press the "ICE" button. In just 24 hours (at room temperature and water temperature <25ºC), you will be able to enjoy your batches of ice with the desired moulding.

alinia has two removable tray that allows you to produce a complete batch with one ice mould in each cycle.

There are different silicone moulds with the most commonly used shapes in cocktails: spherical in two diameters, diamonds, Collins bars or large format cubes.

If you do not wish to remove the ice from its mould, alinia will keep your ice at the perfect temperature, preventing flaking and keeping it completely shiny and smooth. In addition, it will keep the chamber at the right storage temperature with very low energy consumption.

For all those who value premium ice quality and are aware of its price and average consumption, alinea is the perfect solution. You will recover the investment of your A1 machine in less than a year and the A2 in only 6 months.

Below, we will show you their profitability and production capacity in a 24-hour cycle:

Spheres Spheres Cubes Collins Diamonds Litres Kw / cycle € / cycle
Cm ø 6 ø 7.5 5.5 4x4x10 6x5
A1  25 uds. 16 uds. 30 uds. 24uds. 30 uds. 15 L. 4 kw 0.50€
A2 50 uds. 32 uds. 60 uds. 48 uds. 60 uds. 30 L. 6 kw 0.75€
Unit cost 0.06€ 0.1€ 0.05€ 0.06€ 0.05€

You must purchase a minimum of two moulds to start using your machine.


Buy no more crystalline ice! alinia reduces costs to just 5% of what it would cost to buy ice conventionally. An investment that you will soon see a return on.

How does alinia work?

alinia revolutionises ice production thanks to its directional freezing technology, efficiently and effortlessly creating crystal clear ice in the shape of your choice - without the need for cutting or carving! This method guarantees impeccable quality, without defects or bubbles, and with exceptionally low water and energy consumption.

Brings a long-lasting taste and an attractive, refreshing appearance to your drinks.

According to tests carried out in our LAB, the crystalline ice generated by alinia retains its shape for at least 5 hours before it starts to melt, allowing customers to continue enjoying their drinks for longer. In addition, the temperature in the core of the ice can drop to as low as -20°C, ensuring an optimal cooling experience.

Offering your customers a personalised and unique product is now more affordable, as the price of Alinea is considerably lower than other options available on the market.

*If you are looking for cubes with customised shapes or sizes, do not hesitate to ask us for a quotation and advice on the manufacture of special moulds.

To optimise the performance of alinia, we suggest:

Make sure you have a water supply and drainage point located at a maximum distance of 1 metre.

Install a decalcification and purification pre-filter, preferably of the Brita type.


Keep ice always clear, clean and odour-free in your freezer. You can pack the ice in bags and vacuum packed.

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Material: Stainless Steel
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