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Ice Chef

Ice texturing machine

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Ice Chef

Ice texturing machine

Derived from the Japanese KAKIGORI technique and the Korean machines used for Bingsu, comes the new generation of machines, ICE CHEF, a machine capable of transforming any liquid into a thin layer of ice instantly, creating unique and unrepeatable textures, thanks to its blade that scrapes and moulds until the desired finish is achieved, far surpassing previous versions.

The true innovation of Ice Chef lies in its ability to work with a wide variety of liquids. From juices, centrifuged or clarified, drinks or cocktails, sauces or creams, broths to fatty products such as chocolate. Turning any ingredient into snow, powder, flakes, shavings, flakes, or flexible ice cream sheets. Depending on the freezing power (PAC) of the liquid, the result and the processing time will vary greatly, bearing in mind that the freezing temperature of the aluminium rotor is -35°C. Ice Chef guarantees immediate freezing, if the liquid has a low sugar or alcohol content. In addition, you can control its speed to achieve different types of finish depending on the element, such as surprising textures that allow unlimited combinations of flavour and creativity, and depending on the arrangement of the blade it will allow you to adjust the amount of shaved ice.

Ice Chef has a production capacity of up to 5 kilos per hour, offering exceptional performance to meet demand in any establishment. This machine is designed to be ultra-quiet, so you can enjoy quiet, undisturbed operation, perfect for environments where noise is an important factor.

It also has an attractive design that makes it ideal for show cooking and customer service in buffets, cocktail bars, creative ice cream parlours, catering and restaurants. The versatility of the Ice Chef opens the door to a world of possibilities in creative ice cream, savoury cuisine, desserts, cocktails and live culinary shows.

With this machine, offer a sensory experience that will surprise your customers.

• Voltage: 220V 50/60 Khz

• Power: 750 KW 

• AISI 304 stainless steel chassis

• Aluminium refrigerated and rotating pump -35ºC

• Precise speed control

• Compressed with r290 gas

• Roller size 9 cm 

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