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Aladin Covers 14 cm

Glass Cloche for food smoking

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Aladin Covers 14 cm

Glass Cloche for food smoking

Set of 6 14-cm diameter borosilicate glass cloches with connection valve® made with food-grade silicone to smoke, steam, or flavor dishes and plates for service, without having to lift it. Available also in 9 cm and 18 cm diameter.

Fill your cloches with lighter smokes made at lower temperatures with our Aladin®, Super Aladin®, and Aladin 007® tabletop cold smokers. This preserves the natural aromas of the food. In addition, the borosilicate cloches are the ideal complement to our Aladin Aromatic® aromatizer.

Explore our full range of cold smoking cloches, available in different shapes and diameters, for smoking individual plates or serving trays, cups, and glasses.

Our cloches are handcrafted and made of borosilicate glass, with extreme quality control and perfect finishes, highly resistant to shock and extreme temperatures, such as oven and freezing. Patented model.

The food grade silicone valve (item 10/0019) is also available as spare part in our online store

Units per box: 6
Material: Borosilicate
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