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Hot Mat

Flexible heat for pastry chefs

Hot Mat

Flexible heat for pastry chefs
Flexible Hot Mat with adjustable temperature. made of food grade silicone. Offers a heated surface for works with sugar. chocolate. etc. Lets you work with isomalt sugar. without using lamp. prepare caramels. chocolate. ferment dough and dairy products. maintain temperature of coating baths. chocolate paints and gelatines. Can be used for keeping food warm during catered events. as well as for dessication and dehydration.  Adjustable temperature. from room temperature to 90°C / 194°F Total size 58x38 cm Total work area 54x34 cm Heats from 20ºC (68ºF) to 90ºC (194ºF) in 5 minutes Precision +/- 1ºC (33.8ºF) Rollable and easy to transport in the attached case. Ref. 230V: 30/0002 Ref. 110V: 30/0003 
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Units per box: 1
Material: Silicone
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