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CO2 - Dry Ice Black

Dry Ice Condenser

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CO2 - Dry Ice Black

Dry Ice Condenser

CO2 Dry Ice Black dry ice condenser is a compact tool to produce dry ice on-demand in a few seconds.

No more storing dry ice in your freezer and instantly produce your own dry ice pellets (30 grams) in just 1 minute, completely compact and ready to use. Thanks to its pressure-reducing filter and minimal gas loss, you can produce compact dry ice pellets on demand and save up to 30% in CO2.

This new model of dry ice condenser is compatible with the CO2 Dry Ice Pellet Mould (ref.120/0046), ideal for producing pellets for the Dry Ice Mixer (ref. 120/0047). Purchase these accessories and serve your cocktails with dry ice in complete safety. These accessories are not included as standard with the Dry Ice Black.

Totally safe, you will be able to use it without any risk in a cocktail bar, buffets, presentation of dishes, etc. Compatible with all liquid CO2 bottles with probe bottle.

Get dry ice whenever you want and dare to make preparations with a high level of spectacularity and with total safety for your customers. We recommend not to use the CO2 bottles of beer shooters as they lack the essential probe tube required for the formation of dry ice.

To learn more, download in the Documents tab the requirements for the CO2 bottle to show it to your usual supplier.

What is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is the solid-state of carbon dioxide or CO2. It is obtained by reducing the pressure and temperature of liquid CO2 in a controlled manner, this causes the CO2 to turn into clean, white CO2 snow. This snow can be used as it is or it can be highly compressed to form pellets of different diameters.

Dry ice is used in the food industry for cooling and transporting food that must be kept at low temperatures but without moisture. Although in avant-garde cuisine it is often used as a visual effect and aroma vaporizer, as well as to achieve smoky and carbonated drinks, bubbling reactions, surprising buffet presentations, etc. Instant dry ice is easy, safe, and requires no additional machinery. You can handle it without danger for you and your guests, without odor or taste. This small device must be connected to bottles approved for liquid CO2 packaging. These cylinders can be rented from companies specialized in food gases, which can easily provide you with a tailor-made service.

Dry Ice Black comes with a user manual.

Compatible with all our shaping moulds for CO2: 

- Dry Ice Poker Moulding Kit Ref. 120/0044

- Ice Cube Mould Ref. 120/0045

- Pellet Mould Ref. 120/0046

Advice: always work with protective mask and gloves.

- Protector facial mask - 120/0012

- Nitro Gloves - 120/0004

Units per box: 1
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