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Aladín Aromatic



Aladín Aromatic


Aladín® Aromatic, is the only culinary multi-aromatizer in the world. Based on the technique of instant smoking, our aromatizer can generate immediate and controlled aromatic vapors from essential oils, essences, extracts, alcohols, etc. Those aromatic vapours can be injected into cover bells plates, bags, containers ... or simply flavoured all kind of foods in seconds. Put a few drops of flavouring agent in the absorbent filter. Switch on your engine and direct the exit to where you are most interested and you will get at once a strong fragrance in the form of invisible vapour without stain or impregnate any surface.

Seaweed, floral, herbs, spices, fruits, biscuits, and yeast, liquors, seeds, smoked, tea and coffee, toast, etc. Everything is possible. No heat, tough and reliable. Enjoy your tool during a long time! Change your filter for a new one with a different aroma. You can also create your own perfume with infinite possibilities of combination of flavours: lemon-mint, orange- whiskey, truffle-mushroom, coconut-rum... An essential complement to your new tool will be the bells with valve Aladín Cover®, allowing you to serve on the table the aromas you decide to complement your plate in a quick and productive way, provoking feelings ever imagined.

The use with special Aladin Aromatic Filters cotton filters (ref 10/0021) is recommended.

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