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VOM Edible Cloud


VOM Edible Cloud is a new gastronomic technique that makes it possible to encapsulate flavors and aromas inside flying clouds made of fine bubbles of helium gas. This spectacular technique is undoubtedly a new breakthrough in the incorporation of taste effects in signature dishes and drinks.

Clouds created with VOM can have any flavor and thanks to the helium they acquire the right volatility to be held vertically on the plate or support. These clouds can generate a spectacular rain effect on culinary creations: once the cloud is stabilized on its support, it loses volume due to the evaporation of the helium, so the liquid is progressively concentrated in the lower part of the cloud and falls drop by drop. This is possible thanks to the properties of the "Formula1" emulsion: it allows each user to elaborate clouds with different flavors and aromas.
Like any new technique, it becomes easier and easier as you get used to it. As soon as you master the solid to liquid ratio, you can move on to the more creative side by experimenting with flavors and aromas in your recipes. Your cloud, flavor, or application will be totally unique.
Watch here the video tutorial on how to get started with the VOM Edible Cloud Technique:



Juices, sauces, infusions, concentrated broths, alcohols, fats, and essences, can be transformed into clouds of fine bubbles filled with helium, once mixed in the precise quantity and proportion with the Formula1 VOM.
Helium is an extremely volatile gas and it is almost impossible to keep it in food or beverages in a stable form. Formula1 gives to the food the emulsifying and elastic properties to encapsulate helium bubbles in it; such bubbles have a diameter suitable for lifting its weight, standing upright, and be transported through the air.

VOM Edible Cloud Basic Kit creating flying clouds of flavors

VOM is equipped with a special micro-perforated grid, which doses the helium gas evenly and in exact proportions throughout the liquid: it thus generates bubbles of equal size that make the cloud fly. In addition, it is possible to regulate the gas pressure to millibars: it will make you able to obtain textures impossible to achieve before. With the Vom Basic Kit and our tutorials you can learn and master the technique with ease. See the step-by-step tutorials for the use of the Basic Kit and the Technical Kit.



VOM has been created to meet the creative needs of Bartenders, Chefs and Pastry Chefs. Nowadays, hundreds of Chefs and Bartenders explore its infinite possibilities every day. Its unlimited applications for sweet and savory recipes arouse the surprise and admiration of customers. You can serve these ethereal morsels as a decorative element, as a gustatory element, or as a WOW effect.

Rain effect on the plate generated with VOM edible Cloud

VOM Edible Cloud offers infinite ways of presentation and use, you can present edible flying clouds with original flavor and shape, in static or dynamic version thanks to the VOM Holders collection. Master this technique and generate fun conceptual shapes to make your presentations uniques.

Unique gastronomic creations with edible flying clouds VOM Edible Cloud



To try and use the VOM technique in your restaurant, cocktail bar, catering, or events you only need to have a VOM Basic Kit.  Once you have mastered the technique and implemented the flying clouds in your menu, we recommend you complement it with a VOM Technical Kit to increase production and lower the cost. The Technical Kit is a complementary accessory to the Basic Kit, which allows you to connect VOM to refillable helium bottles: just with the first 12-litre bottle, you will be able to save money, compared to the price of disposable bottles.

Complete basic kit. Requires the use of a disposable helium cylinder for balloons.

You can see all the complements and accessories here: Direct Access to the VOM SHOP.



If you want to learn more about VOM Edible Cloud or you have any additional questions, we invite you to visit our technical BLOGS: How does VOM work? Learn step-by-step and Frequently Asked Questions about VOM Edible Cloud

If you still have any doubt, please send us an email to, we will get back to you as soon as possible.