Automatic pressure double boiler

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OCOO combines different culinary techniques: a double pressure cooking and controlled temperature. Unlike conventional pressure cookers, the steam created inside of OCOO does not escape. The vapor bonds with the aromas of the food, locked inside the pot. It functions at a low temperature with extreme precision, preserving the organoleptic properties of food. OCOO can be used and adapted to make hundreds of preparations, giving unique results that would be virtually impossible to achieve without the use of this system.

3 combined actions: Pressure, Low temperature and Infrared emitted by the Germanium ceramic pot

Cooking techniques with OCOO double boiler:

Aromatization with liquid: maceration, infusion, decoction, extract
Syrup or oil confit, pickles and escabeche
Stews and hot pots
Fermentation of dough, produce or dairy (yogurt)
Cooking any kind of dough, even steamed (Bao)
Cooking legumes without soaking them previously
Pressure cooking with liquid or steam with controlled temperatures and time
Bain Marie: custard, Royale custard, pâtés and stuffing
Black garlic and honey confit
Millennium Egg
Jams and syrups
Clarified reductions, broths, and consommés
Soups and vegetable creams

On the official website and on YouCook you will find more information about OCOO, with recipes and techniques for professional use.

3 combined actions: pressure, low temperature and infrared emitted by the ceramic pot with germanium components.
3.5 L capacity

Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic
Units per box: 1

35 x 35 x 40 cm / 4L

Condition: New

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