Professional Food and Beverage Reducing Distiller

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A piece of robust, compact, productive and simple equipment, Girovap has been designed to allow you to discover new techniques in distillation, extraction, clarification and low-temperature reduction.

Conventional Rotavapors are complex and fragile machines, designed for laboratory use. For that reason, when professionals in the kitchen or cocktail bar try to use them, they are faced with drawbacks such as their lack of vacuum power, their high price, their difficult maintenance, and their fragile materials. Girovap is born to put an end to all these inconveniences, as it has been designed and built from the ground up for cooks and barmen.

Why is Girovap totally different from laboratory rotovapors?

Its is equipped with a unique membrane vacuum pump

It comes with a large-capacity distillation vessel

A multi-functional magnetic rotation system


  • Lower cost of production                        Better final price of the equipment
  • Easy to use                                           It’s simpler to learn its use
  • High capacity and speed of cycles           Increased production and profitability
  • Versatility in connections                        Different products and accessories
  • Increased temperature accuracy             Differential products
  • More applications in one machine            Great possibility to create new products
  • Easy maintenance                                 Fewer breakdowns, breakages and less attention
  • Reduced size                                         Easy installation
  • Modular accessories                               Working capacity expandable to every need
  • Made in Spain                                        Impeccable maintenance and spare parts service


Not for use by people with pacemakers or hearing aids.

Hauteur: 46 cm
Matériau: Borosilicate et acier inoxydable
Largeur: 67 cm
Profondeur: 48 cm
Poids: 27.20
Unités par boîte: 1
Medidas / Volumen:

67 x 46 x 48 cm - 27.20 kg

Condition: New

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