Krokanters Geometrik Stencil

Geometrical stencils for kitchen, cocktail-making and pastry

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The stencils Krokanters Geometrik are designed to work with spreadable doughs on a Teflon® sheet or silicone mat. Suitable for making tuiles, crunchies, snacks, garnishes and dehydrated sweet and savory decorations. Moreover, you can prepare chocolate and gelatin decorations quickly and easily. The set of Krokanters Geometrik contains 1 stencil of each of the following shapes: square, rectangular, triangular and round. Its special design makes it easy to lift the stencil once the dough has been spread. Optimized and recommended for use with Excalibur® 9-tray and 10-tray dehydrators and with any type of professional oven tray. For a good finish always work on an Excalibur® Teflon sheet or an Excalibur® high quality silicone mat. Krokanters Naturaka is also available, with shapes inspired by Nature. The collection is completed by an infinite range of varied and customizable shapes for use in pastry, cooking and cocktail making: Krokanters Bibliotek, a catalog of stencils with more than 200 different designs. Contact us to create Krokanters Kustomizable stencils with your logo, brand or design. Krokanters stencils are a product studied and tested by professional experts, who have given their opinion to design the best product in terms of format, size, thickness and rounded corners. Download in the Documents tab the Recipe Booklet for making Tuiles, Crunchies, Sweet or Savory Snacks with your Krokanters stencils. To learn more about all of 100%MAKEAT's customization options, read our blog on production techniques for custom decorations and garnishes for pastry, kitchen and cocktail-making. TABS - Krokanters stencils are recommended and designed to be used with Excalibur® 9 and 10 tray dehydrators, or with any type of professional oven tray. To preserve the shape of the stencils, we recommend washing them by hand in warm water, as they may curl if exposed to high temperatures or dishwashers. They are not intended to be left in the oven. Technical characteristics: Maximum working and washing temperature: 40°C. Material: Semi-rigid polypropylene

Material: Polietileno
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34 x 17 cm


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