Mimetik Mould Olives

340° Mould for Spherical Olives

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Hyperrealistic Platinum Silicone mould with olive shapes, designed by 100%MAKEAT for use in pastry, cooking and cocktails. Make spherified olives thanks to the cocoa butter bath technique. 100%MAKEAT certifies that the thickness and hardness of this silicone is designed to facilitate unmolding, even when completely frozen, without damaging the pieces. Its 340° shape makes it easy to extract and preserve the roundness of the olive, which will look just like the real thing once it has passed through the cocoa butter bath. It is the only industrial mold that ensures a perfect and realistic finish. Discover also the Mimetik Support for delicate pieces and the Radikulados series of silicone moulds. TABS Made with Platinum Silicone 40SH Ovenproof up to 220°C, freezer and deep freezer resistant, dishwasher safe. Mould size: 16 x 14 cm - 16 olives per mould. Capacity of each slot: 6.9 ml Total capacity: 110.4 ml

Material: Silikon
Einheiten pro Box: 1
Units per box: 1
Medidas / Volumen:

16 x 14 cm - 6.9 ml ( tot. 110.4 ml )


Condition: New

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