The use of our services by our clients pre-agrees, in all cases, the acceptance of the following sale conditions:

        In sales done in Non-EU countries, C.S.L. will NOT be responsible for any taxes or levy’s added in customs dispatched. 


        C.S.L. reserves the right to change or make any amendments it considers necessary and without warning including prices according to                   

        specific requirements of the provider and/or different currency exchanges. This may be done in a daily basis.     

        C.S.L. reserves the right to not provide delivery of an order if a major cause interferes in the process. In such case we will communicate the cancellation 

        as soon as possible through E-mail to your account.  If the payment has been charged to your credit card or the bank account, C.S.L. will return the

        amount charged in its totality.



If you place an order through telephone or e-mail you are automatically accepting the terms and conditions exposed in this document.