DJ Food Decor Turntable

DJ Food Decor Turntable

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This automatic spinning support offers easy way to decorate plates. cakes. tarts. trays. glasses and shots. All it takes is to put the product onto the base and work with tecnique of your choice: food markers. brushes. bottled sauces. pastry bags. etc. Perfect for painting with chocolate and airbrushing. Adjustable velocity. from 5 to 45 spins per minute. You can change spin direction with a push of the button. For works requiring more precision. you can also stop and spin the plate manually. Weight resistance up to 8 kg. it is a perfect and surprising accessory for buffet presentations and displays: trays. carved fruits or sculptures made of ice. chocolate or sugar… Machine suitable for 230 V and 110 V. with distinct plugs to be used depending on the country.

Internal reference: 89441

Material: Plastic & Stainless Steel
Einheiten pro Box: 1
Medidas / Volumen:

19 x 21 x 15 cm


Condition: New

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