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Portable Vacuum Pump

761.06 CHF(excl. MWST)




Double-cycle vacuum pump, compact, high power, and ultra quiet. It can be transported with only one hand. It has many applications and possibilities for use in all vacuum techniques. You will no longer have to use your bell vacuum machine for jobs for which it is not intended to be used to extend its life and maintenance.

- Conserve and isolate the moisture of any crunchy texture, lyophilized products, sugars blown within seconds making the vacuum in all types of rigid containers, valve bags of all brands, and of course, using our Clic-it kit valves.

- Deaerate of masses and textures, recovery of colors in smoothies, etc. Perform and develop the incredible possibilities of the impregnation and CRU technique.

- Distill and vaporize distillates with our distillers or infusers for cocktails or cold broths.

- Fill pipettes in a few seconds with SPIDER PIPETTE.

- Dry flowers or species, reduce humidity in dehydrated or biscuits, etc.

- Make solid sponge mousses (SUFLAIR) with fat masses such as cheese or using chocolate
any type of rigid containers.

- If you have a sealing bar you can vacuum pack all kinds of food and liquids thanks to the perfect control thanks to its vacuum gauge.

Perform the basic maintenance in just 5 minutes, following the instructions perfectly explained in the manual and user guide. Don't worry about anything.

Internal reference: 88110 - 115V; 230V special order

Material: Polycarbonate
Einheiten pro Box: 1

26 x 16 x 17 cm

Condition: New

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