Professional Food and Beverage Reducing Distiller


Technical information


Rugged, compact, productive, and easy to use, GiroVap has been designed to allow you to develop new techniques in distillation, extraction, clarification, and low-temperature reduction.

Conventional rotovapors are complex and fragile machines, designed for laboratory use. For this reason, when professionals in the kitchen or cocktail industry try to use them, they encounter disadvantages such as lack of vacuum power, high price, difficult maintenance, and fragile materials. Girovap tabletop distiller has been designed and built from the ground up for chefs and bartenders to put an end to all these drawbacks.

Why is Girovap totally different from laboratory rotary evaporators?

  •     Its unique diaphragm vacuum pump
  •     Large capacity distillation vessel
  •     Magnetic rotation system     

All your advantages             

Lower production cost → Better final price of the equipment            

Easy operation → Simpler training

High capacity and cycle speed → Increased production and profitability

Versatility in the connections → Different products and accessories

Higher temperature accuracy → Differential products

More applications in a single machine → Great possibility of creating new products

Easy maintenance → Fewer breakdowns, breakages, and less attention

Reduced size → Easy installation

Modular accessories → Expandable working capacity to meet every need

Made in Spain → Impeccable maintenance and spare parts service


Girovap kitchen, pastry, and mixology distiller is equipped as standard with all the necessary elements for distillation, plus all the necessary accessories for measuring and preserving products.

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Height: 46 cm
Material: Borosilicate Glass and Stainless Steel
Width: 67 cm
Depth: 48 cm
Weight: 27.20
Units per box: 1

67 x 46 x 48 cm - 27.20 kg

Condition: New