Excalibur 4926 T

Professional Dehydrator 4926T with timer

AED 2,129(VAT incl.)


Technical information

Dehydration provides to the chef a wide range of new opportunities to prepare crunchy textures with great precision, effectively substituting the oven as a dryer. Excalibur revolutionizes the world of Kitchen Dehydrators since 1973. This model is quick, efficient, user-friendly, clean, and economic. Equipped with the exclusive Excalibur Parallexx heat distribution system, which keep constant the airflow. Excalibur makes a perfect dehydration and it is the perfect tool for the most demanding professional kitchen. Compact and efficient, it provides 1m2 drying area. Adjustable thermostat with total precision from 35°C to 74°C give you the possibility to control humidity decreases, obtaining a crunchier healthy taste presentation with no burning. The timer can be set up to 99 hours. User manual in Spanish and English. Removable front door. The trays can be moved and distributed alternatively as you prefer, depending on your preparation. Easy to wash polycarbonate sheets are FDA approved.

Excalibur® 4926T has a clear door which allows to view the drying process; it is also possible to add or remove food from the trays in the drying chamber without to stop the process.

Dehydrate any types of food (cheese, meat, fish, seafood, legumes, vegetables, fruits, spices, mushrooms, flowers, pastas, etc). In addition, Excalibur® allows a unique range of possibilities when it comes to dehydrate sauces, creams, yogurts, mousse, cheese, pastries, etc.

Excalibur® dehydrators dispose of a wide range of accessories and complements with which you can do what was, until few years ago, unthinkable: silicone sheets, teflexx, die-cut sheets, antioxidants and color preservers, silicone gels and much more.

9 trays of 38 x 38 cm

18 cm. fan

600 Watt 220V / 50hz-60hz

Weight: 10 kg

Color: black

Material: Plastic
Units per box: 1

55 x 49 x 39 cm


Condition: New

Availability: Stock