Super Aladín Smoking Gun

Professional Flavouring Smoker

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Technical information


Super Aladin© is the only all-metal manual cold smoker of the market, resistant to daily use in professional kitchens. Its new aluminum propeller guarantees total heat resistance. Unlike other smoking guns, Super Aladin© is equipped with a large combustion tank that will allow you to burn other types of wood than sawdust, such as small wood chips or hardwood shavings.

The design of the Super Aladin© engine prevents the entry of oils and resins into the engine, increasing its durability and resistance to large volumes of work. Its detachable foot or base, together with its weight, provides great stability to the machine, avoiding overturning and accidental spills of sawdust and ashes on the work surface. Its monobloc switch is located in the body of the machine, keeping it away from heat and making the Super Aladin extremely handy. A small tank retains the resins and tars resulting from the combustion of the wood, preventing them from entering the motor seal.

The Super Aladin©'s patented dual-chamber system has also been improved and expanded to increase the capacity of essential oils and aroma products in its internal chamber. By soaking a pure cotton filter, an extra aroma is imparted to the recipe, complementary to smoking. The aromas of the filter do not combust directly, because they are sent by the propeller to the smoke outlet. This way we incorporate much purer and natural aromas, thus expanding the possible creative applications of the cold smoking technique. Being all-metal, cleaning is much easier and more efficient.

Our smoking pipe has a quick connection to plug the smoking tube to different containers and to be coupled to all Aladin cloches with valve (ref. 10/0013 or ref. 10/0015) or to the Aladin CD (ref. 10/0029), obtaining totally cold smokes and much more aromatic and stable over time.

For very prolonged use, as in the case of long catering services or events, we recommend combining your smoker with the Aladin Station horizontal base (ref.10/0031).

For smoking large pieces, such as salmon or whole pieces of meat, get our Gastronorm 1/1 lid with smoking valve (ref. 10/0033), which converts any Gastronorm 1/1 tray into a smoking vessel.

Download our free Cold Smoking Techniques Manual in the Documents tab to get the most out of your new Super Aladin© cold smoker.

Also check out YouCook for Super Aladin© cleaning and maintenance tips: this will make your smoker last a lifetime.

On our blog, you will also find lots of tips on the possible applications of cold smoking techniques.

Internal reference: 89200

Material: Aluminium
Units per box: 1

h 23 cm


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