TekVac TTMB20E2
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TekVac ISensor M (Pump 20)

With Busch vacuum pump: 20 m³/h (Made in Germany)

AED 16,634(VAT incl.)


Technical information

The packaging machines with frontal sealing bar of 41 cm and vacuum pumps with high performance that incorporate the most advanced technology on the market. No maintenance, fast and powerful vacuum pump, no corners and very easy to clean, allows sealing several bags at once.

Intelligent packaging. Packing liquids never has been so easy. Reduce costs in maintenance, repairs and consumption in your packaging machine with the new patent. iVac (Intelligent Vacuum). It provides TekVac packaging machines with a sensor with an intelligent packaging that automatically adjusts the optimal vacuum for each product. iVac is ideal for packaging liquids, moist foods and porous foods. iVac allows you to perform unattended packaging and optimize the packaging cycle time. With this system we improve the daily work of the chefs.

Why is it the best choice?

AutoClean Oil

It automatically removes the condensed water that is released during bottling, prolonging the life of the oil and the durability of the pump. The bottling machine automatically alerts you to the ideal moment to carry out an oil self-cleaning.

Sealing bar without connections

The special design of the cordless sealing bar, together with the vacuum chamber, made of stainless steel and with rounded edges, makes the cleaning of the packaging machine much easier and faster. Always in optimal hygienic conditions.

Sealing bars with double engraved seal

The new design of the welding bar with stainless steel reinforcements makes it more robust and durable.

It allows a double engraved sealing for greater food safety.

Overlapping bag packaging

The special design of the sealing bar allows two overlapping bags to be packed, achieving perfect packaging in both. A solution that reduces production time by 50%.

Vacuum chamber in stainless steel AISI 304 and rounded edges

High quality and durable AISI 304 stainless steel construction with rounded edge chamber for much easier cleaning.

Tilting opening system for easy maintenance

It allows easy access to all parts for maintenance, efficient cleaning of components and a convenient oil change process. It reduces costs and maintenance time.

iVac (patented intelligent sensor)

iVac automatically adjusts the optimal vacuum for each type of product without any supervision. It detects the size, quantity and type of food, even if it is liquid or porous. iVac optimizes the cycle time of each package.

iSeal (patented intelligent sealing)

iSeal automatically regulates the sealing time and temperature for each unattended cycle. Thanks to this patent, overheating is prevented and the life of all components is extended. iSeal guarantees perfect seals every time.

MCV (patented Multi Cycle Vacuum)

The MCV patent automatically generates the desired repetition of vacuum cycles, up to a maximum of 9 cycles, without supervision or the need to manually lower and raise the lid after each one. This allows to deaerate sauces and to color, impregnate or aromatize foods.

Vacuum Standby (patented)

This function allows to maintain the vacuum inside the chamber for an indefinite time. This allows the creation of solidified foams and other applications such as marinades, reducing impregnation time by up to 90% compared to the traditional technique.

Vac +

It adds additional vacuum time once 100% vacuum is reached and forces the air out of the porous food. A very interesting application is impregnation, a technique that replaces the air in the porous food with a liquid.

Soft Air

Progressive air entry for a better adaptability of the vacuum bag to the product to be packed. Ideal for products that can be deformed or broken during packaging. It achieves an aesthetically perfect packaging for displaying on shelves or in showcases for sale.

Inert gas packaging

It packages any type of food while respecting food safety and guaranteeing the quality of the most delicate fresh foods: fish, seafood, vegetables... The added inert gas also protects fragile foods that could be deformed or broken during packaging.

Material: Aluminium
Units per box: 1

47,5 x 61,6 x 43,8 cm - 55 kg

Condition: New

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