Cubeta GN 1/2 150 BrickVac
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Container GN 1/2 150 BrickVac

Gastronorm 1/2 150 for Sous-Vide

AED 370(VAT incl.)


Technical information

BrickVac is indispensable to sous-vide store your products (like salads, green, etc.) without damaging them with pressure. Now you can easily make chocolate, or cheese aero, vacuum brining, vacuum impregnation and so on.

BrickVac allow short term storage of freeze-dried or dehydrated products, as well as preserving sugar crafts, caramel biscuits, crunchy snacks, pastry and obulato©.

Material: Stainless Steel
Units per box: 1

33 x 27 x 15 cm


Condition: New

Availability: Stock