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  • -Excalibur-

    If we talk about dehydration, we are talking about EXCALIBUR, the discoverer of the ´Parallex x Drying System´ system Our dehydrators meet the requirement and the need to obtain the best result, uniformly dehydrating the food we want to cook. Drying meringues and candies, giving the crunchy touch to our Obulato papers, fermenting yoghurts, etc. One size and technology for each need. Excalibur dehydrators, thanks to their technology Parallex X Drying System, speed up the dehydration process delivering uniform results with any produce. Dry meringues and candies, give a crunchy touch to Obulato sheets, ferment yoghurts: different sizes and technologies developed to fit any production need.

  • -Girovap-

    Professional reducing distiller for food and beverages

  • -MyChef-

    Vacuum packaging machines with high performance Busch vacuum pump incorporating the most advanced technology on the market. Its large chamber allows packaging large bags even one on top of the other without sticking. With almost no maintenance, no corners and very easy to clean.

    The only 100% automatic vacuum packing machines with which you can achieve a perfect packaging without setting any parameter and without any supervision.

    The manual mode allows you to give free rein to your creativity to perform all kinds of gastronomic techniques.

  • -OCOO-

    The latest technological revolution for professional kitchen comes from Korea: inspired by an ancestral cooking technique, the inventors of the OCOO double-pressure cooker designed a machine that automatically controls pressure and temperature to ensure an even slow cooking.

    OCOO can be used for professional cooking, pastry and cocktail making.

    Cook, extract, ferment, infuse... Use it to enrich the traditional recipes of your menu or to develop new gastronomic proposals.

  • -Omega-

    DURABLE, VERSATILE, POWERFUL AND SIMPLE. Juicers, grinders and blenders par excellence. The Omega range of products is equipped with powerful and resistant motors designed for continuous professional use. Its continuous shredding system thanks to its extrusion screw allows to chew the vegetable fibers multiple times to fully extract their juice without destroying their vitamins, enzymes and minerals from fruits and vegetables before discarding their pulp. 

  • -VOM-

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