Digital Salinity and PH Controller
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Digital Salinity and PH Controller

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Technical information

You will be able to control with precision the degree of salinity and pH of food. Perfect to measure and control the salt of the foods that are served in your establishment such as restaurants. hospitals. schools . catering or food industry. Essential equipment for people concerned about salt intake. It is capable of reading the salinity of a liquid (soup) or a solid (cheese) allowing the calculation in grams of salt per 100 gr. of product. Ideal for cooking vegetables. pasta. rice. seafood . etc. This meter allows us to measure the acidity or alkalinity of liquids. Indispensable for gelling or sferification processes. Anticipate mistakes and work with complete control of the process. will help to achieve highly accurate results. Furthermore PHScan meter has a temperature sensor using the [ C ] key. The meter automatically shuts off after 8 minutes without use. Fully waterproof. even when water falls on the fleet and can operate when fully submerged. Characteristics: - PH Range 0.00- 14.00pH. - Precision ± 0.01pH. - Temperature range 0-50 °C. - Salinity Range 0.0 - 99.9 ppm. 100-999 ppm. 1 - 10ppt. - Warranty 2 years.

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17 x 4 cm


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