Facial Cover

Hygienic, comfortable and customizable

AED 12(VAT incl.)

Units per box: 10


Technical information

Transparent protective cover, with SGS manufacturing certificate. Made of recyclable polystyrene and polypropylene, these new face cover protect and provide safety to the worker, to the client, and to all the products handled.

Selected by our technicians among all the models currently available, it is an essential accessory for central kitchens, restaurants, catering, food handling and all kinds of food stores (markets, supermarkets, etc.).

The facial cover stands out for being:

- Ergonomic, stable and comfortable: through its lower bar and its adjustable tensioners, it adheres perfectly to the chin.

- Perfect for extended use: it does not fog up, it does not move, it has a long life and can be repeatedly cleaned and disinfected with alcohol.

- Clean and clear: it improves the image of your business by providing hygiene and safety and offering a friendly and carefully image.

- Sustainable: it can be disassembled, disinfected, reused, and finally recycled.

The facial cover is a high-quality item which is required in our day-to-day professional life. It is added to other safety and hygiene elements such as latex gloves and hydroalcoholic gels: all of them arrived to stay. Proximity and security are no longer at odds.

Available in two finishes, white or transparent lower bar.

Both models are customizable: we can print your logo or brand from 400 units. Contact us for special requests.

Material: Polystyrene, polypropylene
Units per box: 10

15x10 cm - 9 gr

Condition: New