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The Twin Stones wet grinder is a table-top tilting grinder, also known as a refiner or melanger, for cooks or confectioners, which allows you to prepare small quantities of paste compared to industrial chocolate refiners or conching machines.

With it, you can make "Bean-to-Bar" chocolate conching with a refining capacity of less than 20 microns, a perfectly refined and impalpable, fluid and elastic texture that will allow you to fill bars or moulds with total perfection.

In addition, create an infinite range of delicious and original flavoured chocolates with freeze-dried products, spices and whatever your imagination suggests, creating "Taste-to-Bar" style chocolate bars and coatings. Follow the recipes and conching techniques in the manual and customise your chocolates for bars, bonbons, chocolate fountains, fillings or couvertures.

Never before has such a small machine given you so much performance. Its small size allows you to incorporate it into your counter to the public giving an added value to your buffet or artisan offer.

Twin Stones

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