Stick Lipstick

Empty lipstick case

$42.26(VAT excl.)

Units per box: 100

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Surprise your guests with a new way to taste. Fill in your lipstick with a cold base, hot or cold jelly, creamy or crunchy jelly. Bar holder with cover and retractable mechanism completely transparent. Fill them with mashed strawberry ice cream, lemon sorbet, pure chocolate bar, dried egg white, cocoa-flavored butter, fluorescent mint jelly...

Size: Inside diameter of the bar: Ø 12.7 mm x 40 mm length.  Outer diameter of the bar: Ø18.5 mm x 73 mm length.

Material: Plastic
Units per box: 100
Customization: Allows customizations

Ø 2 x 7 cm


Condition: New

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