1.1  How to place an order

If you are reading these conditions, this means that you need our help with the necessary steps to follow to place your order. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it seems!

Choose your desired item and click on the "Add to cart" button that appears on the product page. A new small window with two options: "Continue shopping" or "Proceed to check-out" will appear. If you want to modify the quantity of the items in your cart, you will be able to modify this data just before the check-out.

If you want to continue shopping, the selected product will be added in the cart while you continue browsing the online store to see if you like other items (surely it’s a yes;). You can keep adding products to your cart and continuing shopping as many times as you wish. If you want to pay and finalize the purchase choose the option "Proceed to check-out".

Step 1 (Order): When clicking on "View my order" you will be redirected to the summary page of your order. If you want to delete products or modify quantities of the selected products, that’s the moment. Review carefully the selected products as well as their options. Click on "Proceed to check-out" to confirm your purchase.

Step 2 (Identification): Before proceeding to check-out, it is important to create an account. We need your data to be able to contact you and to calculate the shipment fee. If you already have an account, simply enter your email and password and go to step 3. If this is your first time on our website, let's create an account!
Enter your email on the left side of the screen and click on "Create an account". Fill in all the requested fields of the form and click on Register. * If you are not going to buy as a company, you can ignore the data marked with an asterisk. *

Step 3 (Address) In this screen you can add as many delivery addresses as you want, choosing the desired one for your current order in the pull-down menu. You can use an address for delivery and a different billing address. If you have already chosen the desired address, click on "Proceed to check-out".

Step 4 (Transportation) In this screen you will be informed of the transportation options you can choose for your order. Confirm that you have read and accepted the general conditions of sale and now proceed with the payment.

Step 5 (Payment) You’re almost done! Choose between the options of the payment method and finalize your purchase. Once confirmed, you will receive an email with all the information concerning your order and, very important, the order number that will be indispensable to communicate with us if you have questions about it. In case you don’t receive the confirmation, check first your spam folder.
Once we both receive the confirmation, your order will leave our premises and be served as soon as possible!

1.2 Tracking Order

Now that you have made the purchase, you can track your order.
To make any inquiry you can use the same email that you gave us at the time of registration or by logging in to your account to see the updates of your order.

Email: Every time the status of your order is updated or if we need to contact you by reference to your order we will contact via email. These emails will mostly be at the information level so that you are aware at all times of the delivery of your order.

Your account: Also use your account to see the updates of your order. You can also see a history of your orders and lots of other information.

Keep your order number as it will facilitate communication when contacting us. This way it will be easier for us to locate your order and help you with your request.

Check the status of your order. The information that appears in the state of your order will change as the preparation progresses. You can follow and know at all times where you are in preparation, picked up by the carrier or already delivered!

In addition, if we want to communicate some extra information, our comments will appear next to the "Order Status" field. It’s very useful if we want to communicate a change in the delivery time of the order or give any kind of complementary information.



2.1 Payment methods

On this page, we offer three different payment options. We understand your needs and that is why we want to offer options so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

It’s very important to say that your data is fully protected and encrypted by an SSL security certificate.

And also that you know that no additional charge will be applied for any of the two methods of payment.

Bank transfer

Once you confirm the purchase, you will receive an informative email to your email address where, along with your order, you will find the bank details you will need to make the transfer to the indicated bank account.

It is important to always include your order number as a reason for payment to facilitate the identification of your order.

You can also send us the bank payment receipt to our "Contact" address, speeding up the administrative procedures related to our billing department and therefore speeding up the prompt delivery of your order. We remind that the payment by transfer delays the management of the purchase until we confirm the receipt of the payment the indicated bank account.


You have a maximum period of 10 days to make the bank transfer once you have placed the order.

Upon expiration of this term, CSL will no longer be able to guarantee the availability of the products included in your order. If after 10 days you made the payment of that order, and in the case that a product was no longer in stock, CSL would contact you to find the best solution to the interests of both parties. But in the event that you require the refund of the number of products without stock, CSL will not be responsible for the bank charges that arise from this action, being you responsible for paying them and therefore, being deducted from the total amount that CSL would pay you into your account.

Credit card

Payments by credit card are free from credit card commission.

Once the payment has been confirmed through your credit card (Visa or Mastercard), the payment will not be made officially by us until immediately before leaving the merchandise and never before.

Sending by e-mail

Sending by email is not a form of payment as such. This option has been designed for those orders that need across with the distributor or special orders that must be managed offline. Once the order is received, you will receive your order proposal directly and we will contact you directly or with your accounting department to confirm the order and agree on payment and delivery conditions.

2.2 Promotions

Coming soon


General information

Delivery expenses are not included in the items price. These are included automatically in the confirmation process depending on the weight and volume of the package and the final destination.

FedEx International Economy manages all deliveries and costs are calculated on weight and volume of the package and final destination.

Delivery time estimates are of 7 international transit days from the moment of full payment reception. (*) This estimate depends on the destination area and does not include any customs retention delays in the country of destination.

Delivery is done door to door. If no one is available to receive the order, the carrier will leave a notice to arrange a delivery date and time.

Once the order has been sent C.S.L. will change the status of the order to “Sent” providing a tracking number in the “Comment” field. (*) More info in the Order Tracking section.

You may, at any point, ask us about the tracking number so as to know the exact location of your order.


Orders must be paid before they leave the warehouse.

Once you finalize your order and all correct registration data has been entered, information on delivery expenses will be visible.

Delivery costs do not include any customs expenses that may arise in Non-EU countries.

If when you receive the goods you notice any damage to the package or signs of incorrect manipulation, wet, open, etc. or if the number of boxes does not match the number shown in the Comments Field in the E-mail sent by C.S.L., you must specify these issues in the carriers receipt. This simple but important act will protect you from possible damages or losses of the products and will make all claims easier to manage. (*) More information on damaged goods in the delivery process in the Claims and returns Section. (*) For more information on the COMMENTS field on your order go to ORDER FOLLOW UP.


Deliveries to countries outside the EU zone will not include the Spanish tax on goods and services (IVA/VAT) although you will be responsible for the taxes in your country. Should you decline to do this, the order will be abandoned and will release C.S.L. of any responsibility and exempt from any reimbursement of the payment or delivery costs.

If you wish to receive information on expenses, levies, and taxes your order may generate once it arrives at your countries customs agencies, please contact FedEx at www.fedex.com.

We remind you of the diversity of international legislation on international imports concerning produce and ingredients it will be the buyer responsibility to be informed of all laws and regulations concerning the entry of such products in their country.

From our side and by the impossibility of knowing all the particularities of each country are obliged to decline any responsibilities concerning the customs laws of your country.


EU (European Union)

If you represent a company you must provide your TVA number (VAT, NIPC, UST or P.IVA according to your country).

If you are acting as an individual you must provide personal identification or Passport number. This information is indispensable to deliver with legal guarantees.

If you are in an EU country and represent a company with a legal registration intra-community number, please make sure you have introduced this data correctly in the payment data at the time of registration. If the number is valid, the system will detect it automatically and you will be tax-exempt and it will not show in the final price.

On the other hand, an invoice will be issued with the corresponding IVA/VAT added to each item (4% on books and 21% on other items). And you as a company can deduct as if buying from your own country.


Tax-Exempt Purchase. If you are acting as a company or as an individual, you must fill in the registry data in the site to make the issuing of the proper documentation for exporting to your country easier. This data is strictly necessary to make deliveries with the proper legal guarantees. 

You will be the sole responsible for taxes, levies, and expenses unique to your country. Failure to do so will result in the abandonment of the order and C.S.L. will not be held responsible nor obligated to any kind of reimbursement of the sale or the delivery expenses.


C.S.L. will guarantee the absolute confidentiality of your personal information introduced in the order slip. All personal information will be incorporated in a database created to process the orders more efficiently and only accessible to C.S.L. complying with the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th  on Personal Data Protection. The user may, at any time, access, rectify, and/or cancel his personal data. In such a case, the user must get in touch with us by clicking upon the CONTACT tab on this page soliciting the changes.


Claims on damages during transportation

If when you receive the merchandise you notice any damage to the package or signs of incorrect manipulation, wet, open, etc. or if the number of boxes does not match the number shown in the Comments Field in the E-mail sent by C.SL., you must specify this issues in the carriers receipt. This simple but important act will protect you from possible damages or losses of the products and will make all claims easier to manage. (*) For more information on the COMMENTS Field of your order, please see the Delivery Follow up section.

You have a 24-hour period to notify any damage suffered by your order during transportation for any replacement of goods to take effect. After this period C.S.L. will not be held responsible for any incidence.

How to make a claim of damaged goods during transportation

In order to make a claim for damaged goods during transportation, you should get in touch with us by clicking the Contact tab on this site and provide the following information.

The Billing or personal name under which the purchase was made.

Order number (seen in the order ticket).

Reference number, name product, and damaged quantity.

A clear description of the reason for the claim specifying the state of the products and the visible damage in the wrapping and the boxes.

Pictures that clearly show the damages.

Pictures that clearly show the damaged wrapping as well as the number of boxes received.

Once you have submitted this information C.S.L. will get in touch with you within the following 7 days to inform you of the resolution of this matter. This process can take a few days, as C.S.L. has to proceed with the claim to the responsible carrier.

Claims for defective or wrong orders

In the case, you receive a defective item you will have 7 days from the reception date to inform C.S.L. about the claim made. After this time frame, C.S.L. does not guarantee any reimbursement or item replacement.

How to make a claim on defective or wrong items

To make your claim effective you should contact us by clicking the Contact tab and provide the following information:

Fiscal or personal name under which the purchase was made.

Order number (seen in the order ticket).

Reference number, name, and quantity of the defective or wrong item.

A clear and detailed description of the claimed motive.

Pictures that clearly show the defective or wrong product you have received.

Once you have submitted this information C.S.L. will get in touch with you with the next 7 days to inform you of the resolution of the claim.

In case C.S.L. is responsible for the defective or wrong item, C.S.L. will cover all return expenses of the item and will arrange for pick up at the same address in which it was delivered.

Please prepare the package to be picked up. It must be in its original wrapping, making sure no labels have been torn and the item has not been used. All returns have to comply with this condition to be accepted.

Returns and resolution rights

C.S.L., as exposed in the Retailer Commerce Ordinance Law as regulated by the Communitarian Rules (Directive 97/7/CE) will not allow returns in items that can be reproduced or easily copied with immediate effect. All returns will include the agreement of both parties. C.S.L. reserves the right to demand compensation to make up for possible damage incurred to the items so as to recuperate all direct charges cause by the return.

C.S.L. will only accept the return of the items if the following requisites are fulfilled:

The buyer has 7 days to exercise his right to resolution. C.S.L. will accept the exercise of the mentioned right only and exclusively when the merchandise is the same state it was delivered and ready for sale with its corresponding packaging in perfect state.

If the merchandise is defective C.S.L. as mentioned in the law of Defective Products, will proceed to replace the item by an identical other immediately.

C.S.L. will proceed in returning the amount of the expense of the merchandise and for causes not attributed (direct of Indirect) to it, C.S.L. cannot replace it with the same item and with the buyers agreement.

C.S.L. will accept the return or the merchandise if the item received does not correspond to the one solicited in the order ticket.

In case of controversy or conflict that may derive from the interpretation or compliance of the present particular conditions of sale. This will be resolved in the court of law and the Province of Barcelona Courts.

How to return a product

In case you wish to return an item, you will have a 7 day period from the delivery date to communicate C.S.L. about this decision. After this period C.S.L. will not guarantee the reimbursement. To make the return you should get in touch with us clicking on the CONTACT tab providing the following information:

Fiscal or personal name under which the purchase was made.

Order number (seen in the order ticket).

Reference number, name product and quantity you wish to return.

Picture of the product.

A detailed explanation of the reason for returning the item.

Once you have sent this information, C.S.L. will get in touch with you within a seven day period to inform you of the resolution.

In case your return petition has been approved our carrier will pick up the item at the time of your convenience. Transportation charges will have to be paid by you. If you prefer, you may choose another carrier with paid freight. In case the reason for the return is due to an error on C.S.L. side, C.S.L. will cover the expenses of returning the product and C.S.L. will send the carrier to pick up the item at the address it was delivered. 

Please prepare the package to be picked up. It must e in its original wrapping making sure no labels have been torn and the item has not been used. All returns have to comply with this condition to be accepted.

Once the article has been received in our offices and inspected thoroughly, we will contact you by e-mail to inform you about the state of the return process.

It the return is accepted, from the acceptance date, C.S.L. has 45 working days to reimburse you the amount of the product except the delivery costs which will only be returned if C.S.L. is the sole responsible for the cause of the return. Reimbursement will be made through the same payment method it was used by the buyer.

If any of these conditions do not comply, we will contact you to make you an offer on the different options of returning the items that have not been accepted. All expenses this situation generates, including delivery charges will run on your side. If you do not accept these terms, C.S.L. has the right to keep the items and the amount paid.