Aladín 007

Professional Cocktail Smoker

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Aladín 007, the professional handheld smoking gun is the favorite by bartenders all over the world, available in black and red color.

Specially designed to smoke cocktails, due to its special valve adapter it can be connected to any cloche from the Aladín series. The Aladín CD, included in the kit, transforms any glass in a smoking container. It is ideal for daily use in professional bartending and mixology. The wide base of the device ensures gun stability, making easy to work with it even with high demand and continuous production.

Aladín 007’s body is entirely metallic, with a chamber that allows slow combustion of the sawdust without an open flame. This feature protects the most volatile aromas developed by the sawdust during the combustion. The flavor of the resulting smoke is subtle and it gives a pleasant smell, never acrid due to bad combustion.

Add aromas and essential oils to generate new creative applications of cold smoke to perfect your drinks and cocktails.

The kit contains: Aladín 007 smoking gun, connection tube with valve adapter, Aladín CD, mini spray, Aladín screens and recipe book.

Combine this product with bells specially designed for cocktail use: Cocktail (ref.10/0035) and Long Drink (ref.10/0034) bells. We strongly recommend series of wood chips and sawdusts.

Internal reference: 89201

Material: Aluminium
Units per box: 1

Condition: New

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