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Aladin Smoking Gun

Instant Cold Smoking for food and cocktail


Aladin© is a handheld cold smoking gun, compact, and very easy to use.

It is ideal for starting to become familiar with the technique of cold smoking for the kitchen and cocktail bar. Its reduced dimensions make it an indispensable tool for the cook who does not have much space in his kitchen, but does not want to give up updating and applying different techniques despite the reduced space in the kitchen. Aladin is one of the best-selling tools since its appearance in our catalog.

The Aladin instant cold smoking kit allows you to introduce the smoke in closed containers in order to smoke small spaces or food in a short time, customizing any type of recipe with the chosen flavors.

This semi-professional smoking gun model provides a direct connection to all our smoking hoods, whether for smoking dishes or glasses and cups. The threaded tube eliminates the old method of fixing the bowl to the base of the aspirator, its thickness and size prevent overheating of the mechanical part, giving greater reliability and resistance.

You can add to your Aladin some complementary initiation tools by purchasing a smoking cloche with valve and different types of flavored sawdust or various types of wood to play with the aromas and get the most out of your Aladin cold smoker.

In case you want to make large series productions, as in the case of caterings and buffets, we advise you to purchase the SuperAladin smoking gun (ref. 10/0003).

To get started with smoking techniques, you can watch all the videos on our online YouCook channel for free, and download our Smoking Techniques Manual in the "Documents" tab.

Discover also all the cold smoking techniques on our blog!


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h 21 cm
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