Air kit 3 Universal piping tips adapter for siphon

Universal piping tips adapter for cream whipping siphon. Works with any brand of siphon.

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Technical information

You can now attach any pastry nozzle or piping tip to your siphon. regardless of its shape or size. Decorate with cream and dense mousses. cakes. ice cream cups. hot chocolates. plates. etc. Thanks to the conicity of the nozzle, the pressure of the gas is self-regulated and you will be able to decorate as it were a pastry bag, with absolute precision.

Universal connection for all siphon brands: iSi Thermo Whip, iSi Gourmet Whip, Advance Foam, Kayser, Ibilis, Tellier, Mosa, Whip-it, Mastrad

The kit is equipped with a conical washer that allows to fit all sizes of nozzles, even the smallest ones.

Patented model.

Material: Stainless Steel (Washer not included)
Units per box: 1

Ø 3.2 cm


Condition: New

Availability: Stock