Culler de Pau (ENG/ESP)

by Javier Olleros and Amaranta Rodríguez, the only Galician restaurant with two Michelin stars.

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A 336-page gastronomic gem, in which they share 167 photographs by gastrophotography expert Mikel Ponce, 50 creations and 38 recipes.

Space is essential in their culinary discourse: at Culler they are interpreters of their territory, they try to make the diner feel the land by using products that come from it, cooking their surroundings. Their gastronomic journey begins in a privileged place and they conceive every part of the building, the kitchen, the whole restaurant as a continuation of the space, of the landscape.

The Arousa estuary presides over the dining room in a minimalist building in which the tables in the dining room, but also the kitchen and other multi-purpose spaces look out from the large windows onto the estuary with Ribeira on the other shore, and the islets of Noro and Vionta as spatial references, all of them enlivening the diner's stay. Natural light, wood and glass prevail in the Culler building, they want to be a reflection of the environment as are their menus and menu. They are an extension of the sea and the land and what they do is to transfer all this to dishes in which flavour is essential, but as all the senses are interconnected, the combination of all of them is important when it comes to eating, savouring and having fun at the table.


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