El Celler de Can Roca Redux (ENG)

From Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca, a free-style cuisine characterised by its innovative capacity and enormous creativity.

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This work details more than 25 years of creative processes, the values that have been the basis of the brothers' career and the most representative recipes of the restaurant's history.

Joan, Josep and Jordi, offer a straightforward explanation of the secrets of a restaurant always known for the free style of its cuisine: Joan, in charge of the kitchen, Jordi with the desserts and Josep with wines and the dining room. This three-starred restaurant led by the brothers, who call their cuisine a three-way game in which Joan's mastery of balancing opposites is rounded off by Jordi's fresh creative anarchy, with the placid sound of Josep's liquid tides of introspection.

Over the course of 500 pages, they take the reader through the history, philosophy and techniques they have used in almost 90 recipes. 16 chapters that respond to the creative lines and sources of inspiration that nourish the Roca brothers: tradition, memory, academia, product, landscape, wine, chromaticism, sweetness, transversal creation, perfume, innovation, poetry, freedom and sense of humour.

The book is fully illustrated with images by the renowned photographers David Ruano and Francesc Guillamet showing images of the chefs' prestigious dishes.

And to top it all off, the book includes a diary of thoughts after spending a day at El Celler, written by the author Josep Maria Fonalleras, and an illustrated catalogue of the 245 most outstanding dishes in the history of El Celler.

"A book in which we not only show what we do, but also explain how and why we do it". - Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca.


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17,5 x 25 cm

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